Below you will find examples of fields and subjects we have dealt with most often in AmaR TRANSLATIONS

    Armaments sector

    We closely cooperate with a group of experienced military translators, including translators with valid security clearances. Experience and expertise of our translators allow us to make high quality translations concerning the following topics:

  1. Translation of bidding documents for defensive systems for the Ministry of National Defence.
  2. Translation of operating manuals, service manuals and military equipment maintenance manuals.
  3. Translation of constructional and R&D documentation for offered weaponry.
  4. Translation of certificates and military standards.
  5. Translation of defensive system documentation.
  6. Translation of equipment tests.
  7. Translation of medium-range and short-range missiles documentation.
  8. Translation of documentation for ballistic missiles, missile systems and missile homing systems.
  9. Translation of military equipment storage and maintenance procedures.
  10. Translation of documentation for mobile workshop vehicles and mobile communication centres.
  11. Translation of documentation for military radars and tracking systems.
  12. Translation of combat mission management and execution .
  13. Translation of documentation for combat vehicles as well as technical security vehicles and combat command vehicles.
  14. Translation of documentation for mechanized combat vehicles, mobile bridges.
  15. Translation of documentation for aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  16. Translation of ground maintenance and servicing documentation and flight rules.
  17. Translation of training presentations and documentation and simulator documentation.
  18. Translation of technical documentation for naval combat systems, navigation and communications systems and weapons and rescue systems.
  19. Translation of descriptions of soldier?s protective and personal equipment and armament, small arms and ammunition.
  20. Translation of documentation for radioelectronic, optical, radar and telecommunication systems.
  21. Translation of documentation for short and medium range radars, data transmission and communication systems.
  22. Oral translation services at meetings with commercial partners at the Ministry of National Defence.
  23. Simultaneous oral translation services at trade conferences and fairs.
  24. Oral translation services during system operation training for soldiers and equipment tests; it is also possible for our interpreters to work out of office, at military fields and proving grounds.

  25. Power engineering
  26. Translating of wind farm documentation.
  27. Translating of detailed descriptions of safety equipment and components of power plants.
  28. Translating of wind power plant construction project.
  29. Translating of design documentations and agreements concerning power plant construction.
  30. Translating of power plant management and safety systems.
  31. Translating of installations and technical specifications as well as power plant equipment.
  32. Translating of technical specifications of heat and power generation plant construction.
  33. Translating of multipage manuals for electrical engineers.
  34. Translating of folders, catalogues booklets and technical specifications of UPS devices.

  35. Construction industry
  36. Translating of design documentations, building schedules and numerous agreements concerning development investments of housing estates and office buildings.
  37. Translating of many regulations, decisions and official correspondence connected with carried out construction works.
  38. Translating of Warsaw metro documents.
  39. Translating of building documentations of shopping malls.
  40. Translating of agreements and tender documentations concerning National Stadium construction and numerous building documentations of national roads and motorways construction.
  41. Translating of geological and environmental reports concerning motorways construction.
  42. Translating of description of "Top-Down" method of building site management.
  43. Translating of a design of fire protection system and a fire protection network, sanitary system, cooling towers.
  44. Translating of Project description of modernization of a railway line in Poland.

  45. Financial translations
  46. Tłumaczenia tysięcy umów handlowych, serwisowych, umów dostaw, przeniesienia praw, zarządzania i wielu innych.
  47. Translating of thousands of trade agreements, service agreements, contracts of delivery, contracts of power of attorney, management agreements and many others.
  48. Translating of notarial acts.
  49. Translating of numerous bidding documents.
  50. Translating of legal acts, directives, licences and permits, administrative decisions.
  51. Translating of court documents, suits, statements of defence, expert?s opinions.
  52. Translating of numerous patent documentations, patent applications, etc.
  53. Translating of some annual reports of an insurance joint-stock company
  54. Translating of insurance contracts, rules and insurance contract forms.

  55. Law and insurance
  56. Translating of numerous annual reports, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.
  57. Translating of issuing prospectuses of various companies.
  58. Translating of annual reports for banks.
  59. Translating of reports of shareholders meetings.
  60. Translating of legal documentation and reports of company's activities.
  61. Translating of bank account statements.
  62. Translating of consulting companies reports concerning companies financial positions.

  63. Industrial equipment
  64. Translating of instruction manual of American car washer.
  65. Translating of a series of advertising folders concerning air conditioners.
  66. Translating of user manual of Italian air conditioning system.
  67. Translating of operation manual of air-cooled condensers.
  68. Translating of catalogue of fans manufacturer.
  69. Translating of electric welders for butt welding of PVC tubes.
  70. Translating of user manual and technical documentation of labeling machine.
  71. Translating of control systems of filling machines.
  72. Translating of operation manual for band-all packing machine
  73. Translating of operation manuals of a few folding machines.
  74. Translating of user?s guide of programmed machine for tube forming
  75. Translating of device for regeneration of solvents - decanter
  76. Translating of user?s manual for strobe diagnostic lamp used for diagnose of condition of press cylinders in printing systems.
  77. Translating of road swapping machine - instructions for user.

  78. Automotive industry
  79. Translating of technical specifications, press releases and marketing information concerning many types of passenger cars.
  80. Translating of multitude descriptions of vehicles and tool sets.
  81. Translating of user manuals of various vehicles.
  82. Translating of catalogues of spare parts for many types of passenger cars.
  83. Translating of service manuals of many types of passenger cars and delivery vans.
  84. Translating of service manuals for gasoline engines.
  85. Translating of service manual for rear driving axles and brakes.
  86. Translating of service manual of delivery van wiring system.
  87. Translating of service manuals of a bus: steering system and suspension, braking system with ?Z? type brake expander, wiring system.
  88. Translating of service manual of bus testing after repair.
  89. Translating of group codes of vehicle parts.
  90. Translating of training materials regarding passenger cars.
  91. Translating of materials concerning car diagnostics.
  92. Translating of description of scan tool systems for the new generation passenger cars of different car makers.
  93. Translating of user?s guide of scan tool with inserts for different car models.
  94. Translating of user guides of heavy machines and trucks.
  95. Translating of i manuals for operators of wheeled loading machines and self-unloading trucks.
  96. Translating of technical specifications of cars.
  97. Translating of press articles and internet publications concerning automotive industry.

  98. IT, electronics, computers and software
  99. Translatingof press articles describing applications and computer constructions.
  100. Translatingof user manuals of car parking system sensors.
  101. Translatingof complete computerized preventive maintenance system of machines and devices in automated plants.
  102. Translatingof technical documentation and description of complete computerized preventive maintenance system of machines and devices in automated plants, for monitoring, planning, and the costs settlements of machines refurbishment.
  103. Translatingof user?s manual and Administrator?s manual of electronic security system for buildings: shops, banks, hypermarkets, etc.
  104. Translatingof electronic regulator for air conditioning manual.
  105. Translatingof technical description of a frequency converter.
  106. Translatingof user?s manual of megger used to resistance, continuity of insulation and continuity of core cable measurements, etc.

  107. Office devices and printing technology
  108. Translating of user manual of printing press.
  109. Translating of user manual of large-format printers.
  110. Translating of user manual of printing assembly of a printing press.
  111. Translating of various user manuals of basic and advanced operation of fax machines and their additional equipment.
  112. Translating of various service manuals and user guides of printers and copying machines.
  113. Translating of various user manuals, system administrator?s manuals of fax machines, instructions of drivers installation
  114. Translating of copying, printing and faxing guides of a series of multitask ink jet machines.
  115. Translating of copying, printing and faxing guides of a series of multitask laser machines.
  116. Translating of user manuals of a series of multimedia projectors.
  117. Translating of user manuals of a series of laser-jet copying machines.
  118. Translating of user manuals of a series of scanners.
  119. Translating of user manuals of photo printers.
  120. Translating of user manual of folding machine.
  121. Translating of user manual of binder.

  122. Fire protection systems
  123. Translating of series of folders regarding fire protection system of a company.
  124. Translating of user manuals of valves and fire-protection equipment.
  125. Translating of user manual of programmed fire protection monitoring center for fire protection systems of buildings.

  126. Welding
  127. Translating of manuals of series of diesel engines for arc welders.
  128. Translating of operation manual of arc welder powered with diesel engine.
  129. Translating of materials concerning arc welders.
  130. Translating of instruction manual for welding equipment: welding positioner and welding manipulator.

  131. Consumer market devices
  132. Translating of various instruction manuals of calculators.
  133. Translating of instruction manual of electric pot.
  134. Translating of catalogue of washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, refrigerators and gastronomic machines.
  135. Translating of various user manuals of air-conditioners and fans.
  136. Translating of series of service manuals of TV sets, mobile phones, monitors, washing machines, refrigerators, printers, fans and air-conditioners as well as various household appliances.

  137. Medicine and pharmacy
  138. Translating of various claims and replies to statements of claim as well as other documents concerning court case against pharmaceutical company.
  139. Translating of medical documentations of patients, hospital discharge cards.
  140. Translating of leaflets of various medicines.
  141. Translating of medical articles from trade magazines.
  142. Translating of tender documentation for equipping a few hospitals.

  143. Other fields
  144. Translating of user manual of electrocardiograp.
  145. Translating of a series of marketing folders of injection pumps.
  146. Translating of materials on special purpose pumps.
  147. Translating of technical descriptions of special pumps.
  148. Translating of texts concerning technology of car seats.
  149. Translating of service manuals of mechanical transmissions of garden equipment.
  150. Translating of texts concerning glues and industrial resins.
  151. Translating of a series of press articles on modern technical solutions in space science, mechanics, electronic engineering, metal treatment, automotive industry.
  152. Translating of a series of American press articles on modern rules of marketing and management.
  153. Translating of various agreements and contracts.