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Translations performed by top translators with many years of experience. Translations of high quality and always ready on time.

Four local offices in Warsaw: Centrum, Mokotów, Praga and Wesoła

  • AmaR TRANSLATIONS is a Polish translation agency with its headquarters in Warsaw and four local customer service offices.
  • When carrying out translations, we always put the quality of the translation first.
  • Absolutely, we always meet the agreed translation deadlines.
  • We treat every document submitted to us for translation or valuation as confidential. We make it available only to the persons working on it, who are obliged to observe the principles of security in the handling of documents and care for their confidentiality.
  • We only work with experienced translators, who are specialists in various fields. We provide translators with translation work according to their skills, experience, technical knowledge and interests. You can find out more about translation specialisations and industries on our Fields page.
  • Translations are, if necessary, consulted with industry experts or verified by engineers or other industry specialists.
  • At the client's request, in addition to the standard proofreading of the translation, we can submit it for substantive verification or for additional linguistic proofreading by a native speaker.
  • We can prepare each translated document so that it looks exactly like the original document. We also offer professional DTP for printing and, if required, digital and offset printing in a printing house.

AmaR TRANSLATIONS - We specialise in:

  • Translating:

  • Written technical translations:
  • technical documents, patents, specification sheets, manuals, catalogues.
  • Industry-specific translations:
  • industry-specific texts in narrow fields of specialisation, descriptions of inventions and patents.
  • Legal translations:
  • contracts, legal deeds, laws, resolutions, standards, official certificates, administrative decisions, lawsuits and expert opinions.
  • Scientific translations:
  • scientific articles, scientific papers, theses and abstracts.
  • Financial translations:
  • financial reports, financial statements, auditor's opinions, bank documents, statements of account.
  • Translations of training documents:
  • presentations, training materials - including printing and preparation of an appropriate number of copies.
  • translations of marketing and advertising texts, leaflets, advertisements.
  • Translation of corporate websites, portals web services, online shops and product catalogues for online shops.
  • Business translations: commercial offers, correspondence.
  • Translations of films:

  • Translation of advertising films, company reports, conference materials, interviews, including the superimposition of subtitles on the film and translation of sound files.
  • Classified translations:

  • Translation of classified documents containing classified information categorized as National Restricted in the Secret Registry of the AmaR TRANSLATIONS and at an Accredited Computer Station or in the Client's Secret Registry by translators with authorizations for access to classified information with the National Restricted.
  • We have the Secret Registry for processing and translating documents containing classified information categorized as National Restricted, as well as trained translators, graphic designers and project managers with access to National Restricted documents.

  • We also provide other services, check four yourself.
  • Interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting:
  • booth interpreting at conferences by experienced interpreters with specific areas of expertise.
  • providing equipment for conferences: booths, headphones, microphones, sound system, technical support, hostesses handing out headphones.
  • Consecutive interpreting:
  • highly presentable interpreters with diction for speaking on stage at training courses, conferences, symposia, lectures.
  • Other interpreting services:
  • whispered interpreting during meetings, interpreting during business negotiations, technical dialogue, support for visits by foreigners, interpreting services for industrial training courses.
  • Interpretations during trainings:
  • Translation services for on-the-job training in industrial plants, training for military equipment, preparation for work on a production lines, machines and devices, translation during occupational health and safety training for foreigners.

  • Sworn translations and interpretations:

  • Sworn interpretation services:
  • Sworn interpretation in offices, in courts, during hearings, at notarial offices, during civil weddings.
  • Sworn translations:
  • Sworn translators in all languages, short deadlines for certified translations of official, notarial, vehicle-related and court documents.
  • Desktop publishing and printing:

  • Desktop publishing for printing:
  • Graphic works, desktop publishing materials for printing house and preparing documents for printing.
  • Printing of translated and prepared documentation in a digital and offset printing house and delivery of books, manuals and training materials to the client office or indicated place.

AmaR TRANSLATIONS - more information about translation office

The area where we have the greatest experience is the translation of specialist industry texts and in interpreting by technical translators. All translations into Polish are carried out by native speakers. Translations into foreign languages are verified by native speakers at the client's request. We invite you to take a look at our detailed Offer.

The high quality of the translations performed by AmaR TRANSLATIONS is confirmed by references from our regular customers. Please visit the References page.

We are at your disposal in four convenient locations in Warsaw. We invite you to our offices in the Centre of Warsaw, in Mokotów, in Praga and in Wesoła. Find out more on the Contact page.

To find out the price of a translation, please send us the files with the text to be translated or photos of the documents or the content of your enquiry by e-mail. We will get straight to preparing a quotation and send it to you as soon as possible, within 1 hour at most.

Send your request for a translation quotation by e-mail right away: or call: +48 22 393 39 00.